Copyright 2019 but, if you must know…, Teal [Sword Clash]: Neutral Mino is Brute and Large use Mace, its fire property is secondary it deals fire damage to players. Basically, if you already activated the Thanatos Tower maps, the NPC for the Guardian Hallis located in that area. If this tower is conquered second or third, the party receives one Ambrosia, but if it is conquered first they receive three. They are you tanky man. earth is brown 1 Objectives 2 Summary 3 Notes 4 Rewards 5 Completion 6 External links 7 Patches Traverse the dangerous Thanatos Tower. Blue [Water Drop]: Water wizards are made as a special to not need element converters due to their skills but as a drawback, they can only use cards that affect the RACE only. And they are pretty expensive. For Mage/Wizard classes, each of your skills have different elements depending on the color of the skill icon: Another way to deal more damage against your target element is through cards. For Archer/Hunter classes, you can use different kinds of Arrows: Fire Arrow, Crystal Arrow (Water), Stone Arrow (Earth), Wind, Arrow and Silver Arrow (Holy). at the same time, will m.def reduce damage from weapons with non-neutral attacks? Rare Mandragora. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There aren’t any silver arrows in ROM Eternal SEA. . Added effect: Reduces DEF and MDEF of all enemies by 20% for 50 seconds and 30 % chance to confuse for 30 seconds. so much work but wat i looking for is the logo.wat the logo of demon undead ghost?ur example is the poison spore yeah thats the logo of poison where the other? hide. To enter to Thanatos tower you must go to hu_fild01, talk to the guard and pay the fee to enter to the tower. If you don’t have activated Thanatos Tower in Kafra teleport, you can go to Thanatos Tower by talking to an NPC named, Karthaus Airship Managerat the top right corner of the map (2 o’clock). Do sized monsters Cards work on magics? I used mystic frozen and fighting against Mino as a champ, my investigate and auto attacks ( no triple attack, using knuckles ) didn’t have increase dmg. You can check the element of mobs in the game using your Adventure Handbook. In order to access floors higher than 6, players must be either a Rebirth class or Expanded class above level 95. You can also convert those elemental stones above into Arrows through these NPCs in Payon: Sniper NPC = 10,000 Arrow/10 stones, Archer NPC = 1,000 Arrows/1 stone. Pink [Meditate]: Ghost. Click here for an image version (opens in new tab). Otherwise, just check the monster’s information on online databases such as falcon always neutral damage, missess sometimes if you have poor dex or poor hitrate. Vulnerability means that the demon receives 125% of damage from that type of attack, instead of the 200% associated with weakness. This is a list of Personas featured in Megami Ibunroku Persona and their names in Revelations: Persona, divided by Arcana. Note that you should have taken a photo of the monster first using your Camera to see its details in the Adventure Handbook. Add a photo to this gallery Small figures of Big Darkmin, Demon Lord Diablos, Eclipse Valkyrie, and Lilith, Charmed Goddess can be seen with Thanatos, Death Reaper. There’s a card for each element so just search it on online databases such as I was looking for is the logo. If this tower is conquered second or third, the party receives one Ambrosia, but if it is conquered first they receive three. Open the Monsters tab and click on a monster and you’ll see its element icon. Q: Is there any chance to get/craft an elemental type of weapon like in the original RO, or you can only use those elemental ores as consumable for 15mins?