Glycerine – USP Food Grade – 5 Gallon Pail $ 180.00 ADD; Cyclohexanone ACS, Reagent Grade – 4 Liter $ 64.99 ADD; Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% – ACS Grade – Ultra High Purity Rubbing Alcohol – Fifteen Gallon Drum $ 440.00 ADD; Methanol ACS Reagent Grade – One Sealed Quart Propylene Glycol – 15 Gallon Carboy – USP Grade/Food Grade visibility 5 Gallons Propylene Glycol Gallon 8.5 lbs. 16.5 Gallons – ChillerGlycol™ DF1 – 100% USP Grade Inhibited Propylene Glycol 3each 5.5 Gallon Pails. 5 gal. Instructions . Propylene Glycol Freeze and Burst Protection Chart Sale Price: $ 99.99. Try our glycol calculator … Web definition for Propylene Glycol according to wikipedia. Bulk Propylene Glycol. To convert a quantity of a substance or material expressed as a volume to mass we simply use the formula: mass = density × volume . Bulk propylene glycol heat transfer fluid with inhibitor. SDS . Buy Propylene Glycol USP Online | ≥99.5% Purity | 1 Gallon Bottle $60 | 4x1 Gallon $200 | 5 Gallon $240 | Bulk 55 Gallon Drum $1,500 | ACS, NF Grade | Kosher | Antiviral Ingredient For Botanical Oils, Food, Disinfectants, Cleaning, Skin Care Products, Cosmetics, Soap & Hair | Formula C3H8O2 Part Number Size; 1PG70: 1 Gal. Want To Buy? You save $30.00! is a nearly odorless clear liquid with a mild sweet taste. DOWFROST Concentrate in a 5 gallon pail is a propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid that is widely used for secondary cooling and heating applications, for freeze and burst protection of pipes, and for various deicing, defrosting, and dehumidifying applications. We want to calculate the mass in pounds from a volume in US gallons. Description; 70% Inhibited Propylene Glycol with blue dye: Buy Now. Be the first to review this product. Chiller Fluids, Anti Freeze & Heat Transfer Fluid. Concentrations from 20% - 100%. Buy 1 Gal. Only registered users can write reviews. DOWFROST HD Concentrate in a 5 gallon pail is a propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid that is widely used for secondary cooling and heating applications, for freeze and burst protection of pipes, and for various deicing, defrosting, and dehumidifying applications. visibility $ 428.00 – $ 430.23 add_shopping_cart. 1 gal of propylene glycol to 24 gal of waterUBC GL-5G Propylene Glycol Coolant /UnbeatableSale.comUse the following table as a guide for your antifreeze application.Solution (% … Prevent your pipes from freezing with pipe antifreeze from Grainger. Nobody expects more from us than we do. York 013-03344-000 - 5 Gallon Glycol Coolant 40% - 5 Gallon Glycol Coolant 40%. 1 result found that include 3 products. It has an operating temperature range from below -60°F to 230°F and solutions in water provide freeze protection to below -60°F and burst protection to below -100°F. Propylene Glycol (20 to 50%) - 5 Gallons : Alternative Views: 20% to 50% Premixed Propylene Glycol - 5 Gallons Our Price: $199.99 . This item does not qualify for free shipping × No application needed. Propylene Glycol, Pro-17, 5 gallon pail, Heat Transfer Fluid, Inhibited Against Acidity and Corrosion, Glycols and Heat Transfer Fluids 132562 Product Code: PGGALLON. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. 5 gallon plastic pail. Sale Price: $159.99 . Comments Required. Please Sign in or create an account. How to convert 8 US gallons of propylene glycol to pounds. USP Food Grade 99.9% Pure Kosher PG VG Bulk . ProFrost- I (100% Proplyene Glycol w/ Corrosion Inhibitor), 5 Gallon; ProFrost- I (100% Proplyene Glycol w/ Corrosion Inhibitor), 5 Gallon. Available in 1, 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallon sizes. Brand New. Propylene Glycol Gallon. 5 gallon glycol solution jug for long-draw glycol systems and to ensure that every beer is served ice cold to the customers. From five to 5,000 gallons, we offer you the opportunity to tailor-make propylene and ethylene glycol to your exact needs for any job on which you or your customers are working. Qty: Description Widely used as a tincturing base, and some lure makers use it in place of Glycerine. Propylene Glycol 5 gallon pail. Write Review. Be the first to review “Propylene Glycol – Propylene Glycol 5 Gallon” Cancel reply. 99.5% USP Kosher Propylene Glycol Gallon. I am trying to determine if 1 gal of Glycol is sufficient to purchase with the unit. In stock. or does there need to be a higher volume? ** Overview: Contains virgin (not recycled) propylene glycol with Triple Protection corrosion inhibitor, ready to use formulation. Rating Required. Buy 1 Get 1 - 50% OFF. Glycol Solution for Glycol Draft Beer Cooling System - 5 Gallons Propylene Glycol for Cooled Long-Draw Beer System If you serve beer in a bar, tavern, or pub and do not already have a glycol cooling system, get one. Name Email Required. Buy It Now. So is 5 gal the recommended fill? Anti-freeze in Pink (35284) at Ferguson. 5 gal. Use in water chillers, refrigeration systems, thermal storage, solar systems, heating and cooling loops and radiant heating systems. Review Subject Required. Propylene Glycol – 5 Gallon Pail – USP Grade/Food Grade $ 250.00 Propylene Glycol is a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water and is labeled an organic compound in chemistry due to … Propylene Glycol Dynalene PG (5 Gal) quantity Add to cart SKU: DY-PG-4 Categories: Dynalene PG Store , Heat Transfer Fluids , Online store , Propylene Glycol Series 11 Gallons – ChillerGlycol™ DF1 – 100% USP Grade Inhibited Propylene Glycol 2 each 5.5 Gallon Pails. Overview. Qty: Add to Cart. DOWFROST HD distributor. NC Propylene Glycol contains DOWFROST™ heat transfer fluid that is manufactured using Propylene Glycol USP/EP. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . ® FOR SALE - Boston, MA - Selling a National Propylene Glycol 5 Gallon contains blue leak detection dye. Bulk sizes available. Freez-Kontr’l is a formulation of propylene glycol, dipotassium phosphate corrosion inhibitor and de-ionized water. 55PG70: 55 Gal. USP Food Grade Propylene Glycol | 5 Gallon Pail $150 | ACS, NF Grade | Kosher | Ingredient For Botanical Oils, Food, Disinfectants, Cleaning, Skin Care Products, Cosmetics, Soap & Hair | Formula C3H8O2 | Antiviral Clear Liquid | Solvent | CAS 57-55-6 | 1,2 Propanediol | For Pharmacology & Food Processing Normal inhibited glycol degrades more rapidly when used above 250°F and produce acids that can be detrimental to the system. Some other names for it are a-propylene glycol, 1,2-propanediol, 1,2-dihydroxypropane, methyl ethyl glycol (MEG), methylethylene glycol, PG, Sirlene, Dowfrost. The fluid is colored blue to aid in leak detection. 65 items found from eBay international sellers. When you are using this as an anti-freeze in your dirt trapping, mix 1 part glycol with 3 parts water, and spray it in layers as you construct your set. If you require a lift gate for delivery, click here to add our lift gate option to your order. Buy 55 Gallon Drums of TRUEGARD Propylene Glycol Usp Kosher 50/50 from Keller-Heartt. 5PG70: 5 Gal. Catalog. Quantity in Stock:27. 5 gallons of inhibited propylene glycol Item Description: Propylene Glycol may begin to break down and become acidic when it reaches temperatures of 250°F or more. Sizes ready to ship: 275 gallon tote, 55 gallon drum and 5 gallon pail. Certified Performance: Freeze Protection Down to -70°F, Pumpable Down to -80°F, and Burst Protection Down to -100°F. Savings: $100.00. Quantity discounts available! Skip to the end of the images gallery . Hercules 35284 - Cryo-Tek 100 Anti-Freeze / Glycol (5 Gallon) - **Image may not represent actual product. Propylene Glycol fivestar GLYCOL-4x1. 100% Propylene Glycol HTF Formulation is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable product, offering the highest level of protection and performance. $159.00. Gallons of concentrate to be added to system: Note: Concentration Adjustment Calculator based on 95% concentration to be added. DOWFROST™ HD propylene glycol heat transfer fluid includes a specially designed package of industrial corrosion inhibitor.. Write Your Own Review. The weight per gallon of a glycol or aqueous glycol solution is determined as follows: Density in g/ml at t°C x 8.345 = lb/gal at t°C Pounds per gallon 77°F (25°C) ... 1161gal = 30 gal Densities of Aqueous Propylene Glycol Solutions Propylene Glycols - Density Values Page 1 of 5 Free shipping on all orders. Propylene Glycol. Dynalene PG-XT uses additives that neutralize these acids keeping the fluid more stable and increasing the lifetime of the system while maintaining a high level of performance. 308-1. From United States +C $23.00 shipping estimate. Propylene Glycol - 5 to 55 gallons Our Price: $189.99 . Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours Product Code: PGD-5. C $42.22. Selling it cause no longer need it. Contact equipment manufacturer for specifications. Propylene Glycol-gallon : Our Price: $ 26.95. Propylene Glycol - 5 to 55 gallons For more information, please email us at It can be used in equipment that has contact with food products and beverages. Food-Grade Propylene Glycol USP for use in Glycol Cooling Systems in any Food Service application. Only one lift gate fee is required per order. As it becomes more acidic, it will attack metals that it comes in contact with. ... Based on the instructions a 20% glycol to 4 parts water is recommended.