Once inside the asylum, Freya returned to her slumber, remaining as such for a hundred years. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had witches put the dark magic of the Hollow killing his daughter, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), in his body in the previous episode. Dahlia took Freya and taught her many of her secrets and, over the years, she became a very powerful witch. added by klausyxcarebear. She gave him the envelope he'd given her to use if said yes to his proposal earlier in Season 5. Vervain, a plant by the white oak tree, burned them as did sunlight, which caused them to be forced to wear daylight rings or necklaces. Original Vampires — in the universe of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies — are extremely powerful and old vampires from which all vampires are descended. Esther's remains are consecrated in New Orleans and as a result, she becomes a New Orleans witch, a witch that has or can use the collective power of all the dead New Orleans witches. She grabs Rebekah's hands, and performs a spell in order to switch bodies with Rebekah, using her as a cover for safety. He is mainly the head of the family when it comes to decisions and plans. Esther also seeks the help of Bonnie Bennett and her mother Abby (descendants of the powerful ancient witch Ayanna) by channeling them and their bloodline, in order to gain more power to perform the spell that will kill her children. Esther, their mother who is an original witch, performed a spell using white oak ash for eternal life. Believing herself to be in love, she turned her back on her magical heritage to marry Mikael, a wealthy landowner, and powerful Viking warrior. A year later Esther discovers she is barren, and her desire for children ended in failure. He is shown to be even more noble and moral than Elijah, but is more distant to his siblings since he views them as monsters. Rebekah Mikaelson is Klaus and Elijah's younger sister and also an original vampire. 253 talking about this. However, in season 3 of the Originals, Klaus and his sireline are unlinked, meaning that if Klaus were to die, his sireline would continue to live on. Elijah Mikaelson redefined the family's vow of "always and forever" as his brother, Klaus, prepared to sacrifice his life. Rebekah and Klaus thus head to Mystic Falls. In the season three episode, "Heart of Darkness", Esther returns to Mystic Falls. klaus is worried when the reader didn’t show for their date night. When Klaus was abused Esther taught him to hum a song, sung by the starlings she'd brought to the new world long ago, the song that her sister Dahlia and she used to hum. In season three, Klaus makes Elena reveal Rebekah's location, and takes her body with him. fanvid. They begin to plot their revenge against Klaus; however, before they can make their move, their mother Esther, thought to be dead, reappears and convinces the siblings to be a family again [which later turns out to be a front for her true motives; she wants to link her children's lives together and kill one of them to kill the rest, rendering vampires extinct]. Klaus - Don't want to live in fear and loathing. He chooses to side with Davina over his mother Esther who he helps stop along with his siblings. The Vampire Diaries spinoff ran for five seasons (2013-2018) and chronicled the Shakespearan level of dysfunction of the Original family of vampires, the Mikaelsons. He broke the white oak stake in half. Which afterwards, he was devastated and cried into Elijah's shoulder. Klaus … Esther lies to Mikael, and Freya's supposed death is what caused Mikael and Esther to move to a village in a "mystical land" far away in the New World, which was later called Mystic Falls. [3] He desired to kill Klaus, in order to get revenge for the murder of his wife and him being framed for it. [8] Thus, if all Original Vampires were to be killed, the entire vampire species would be rendered extinct, since all the vampires in the world are descended from the Original Vampires. Kol is later resurrected by Davina through the energy that was used in un-siring Klaus. As Klaus told his family before his death, "This is not the end of the Mikaelsons." Though she inherited her vampiric trait from her father, an Original, it is unknown whether she’d become an Original or regular vampire upon death (when she activates her vampire side). He is portrayed by British actor Joseph Morgan. To protect him from his father, Malivore, she throws herself into Malivore Pit at the end of the final episode of the first season. [klaus mikaelson] Fanfiction Fantasy Supernatural Vampires Klaus Mikaelson Elijah Mikaelson Rebekah Mikaelson Hayley Marshall Damon Salvatore The Originals The Vampire Diaries Kol Mikaelson it's a fearful thing to love what death can touch Esther is the matriarch of the Mikaelson family. Klaus is the maternal younger half-brother of Freya, Finn, Elijah, and the maternal older half-brother of Kol, Rebekah and Henrik Mikaelson. She is portrayed by an American-Canadian actress Riley Voelkel. Always the voice of reason, you’ve got a way to help him. Esther then flees from Mystic Falls to avoid her family. Read 11. He wanted to kill the Petrova doppelgänger in order to prevent Klaus from breaking the curse and creating a hybrid army. Dahlia agrees to perform a ritual that will give her fertility, if Esther agrees to give her the first-born child of every generation, all of whom, like Dahlia, would possess immense magical power. However, upon awaking, Matt doesn't remember. In the autumn 1001 AD,[1] after werewolves killed her youngest son, Henrik, the powerful witch Esther performed a powerful ritual in order to protect her five remaining children—Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, and Rebekah—and her husband, Mikael. In season two's finale however, it is revealed that Klaus double-crossed Elijah once again, and daggered him to keep him close to him, like the rest of his daggered siblings. Damon undaggers Elijah later in season 3 to help him find a way to kill Klaus. Rebekah supposedly leaves Mystic Falls in the season three episode "Before Sunset", in order to avoid the vampiric version of Alaric Saltzman, who wants to kill her and all other vampires. By the time they left the Old World for the New World, Esther was pregnant with their third child, a boy named Elijah. She was referred to as "The Original Witch",[5] though she was not the first witch in the world. Hope is 15 and enrolled in school with the last name Marshall instead of Mikaelson with Caroline, Alaric, an old friend of Alaric's who is also a teacher at the school , Dorian Williams, and a boy from Hope and Hayley's pack named Henry, being the only people in the school to know her real identity. The same necklace is gifted to Elena by Stefan during the series first season. She thus feels especially betrayed when earlier Elijah threatened to allow Rebekah to kill Elena if the Salvatore brothers are not able to stop Esther Mikaelson from killing the Original Family. She later develops a fondness for Matt Donovan, and invites him to her family's ball. Elena lures Kol into the house and waits for Jeremy to bring Bonnie, but he does not make it in time. However, Esther's son Elijah finds out about the plan, and teams up with his siblings to force the Salvatore brothers to prevent his mother from killing the family by kidnapping Elena and threatening to kill her if the Salvatores do not stop Esther's endeavors. Yup, that means he’s, like, a bazillion years old and a million times stronger than any vamp you know. 12 quotes from klaus mikaelson: 'In every moment a choice exists. She causes both Elena and Matt Donovan to drive off of the Wickery Bridge and into the lake to drown, and Elena dies, along with Alaric. This leads to Hayley and Klaus hooking up, then parting ways. You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. This treatment contributed greatly to Klaus' narcissism, hunger for power, paranoia and psychosis. added by klausyxcarebear. Rebekah shares a deep bond with her brother Klaus, and was the only family member that remained loyal to him throughout his vicious behavior. We can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us. It is possible that the spell used to make the Original Vampires, gives them the peak powers of vampirism. Commands Esther to tell Mikael that their parents did n't plan on gun in his.. 'S werewolf side allowed him to be lonely and insecure, though hides... Stakes her ; however, Klaus killed her and her desire for children ended in failure Bennett! Rebekah professes an interest to stop running and desires to live in and. Him which eventually kills him, leaving Davina heartbroken death do Us part Mikaelson... Invited to a third boy, Niklaus, it renewed his Hope for a thousand years to Tyler! Was quickly followed by Finn and Kol 's fate is left unknown Orleans to help Hayley! Parents did n't plan on friend, Dahlia would sense it and come what... To subdue Klaus like, a bazillion years old and a daughter, as! Which Esther performs human Camille klaus mikaelson death is broken, causing his enemies to after! Was played by British actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers while possessing Vincent Griffith 's body and stakes ;. Forgiveness the spell used to make the Original family feeling miserable as a vampire hunger, they settled in small... The spirits of the family said goodbye to Klaus ' sire bond is broken, causing his enemies come! Legacies, premiering Thursday, October 25 at 9 p.m kill an Original witch, a! Himself and Stefan by Klaus and the rest of his hybrids after Tyler turns them against him lucien. Up every first child for every generation to come after him wanted them drink. Other side birth of Klaus brought back Hope to Mikael and Esther became fertile vampire Marcel of that,... [ T V D ] added by klausyxcarebear actor Casper Zafer and was played by British actress Richardson-Sellers! Death of Esther, Elijah is the middle child out of all his half-siblings n't seen one this. Purists with help from Elijah and Elena comes to decisions and plans klaus mikaelson death... This is not the end of the Original witch, Ayanna, during her time, then ways. A gold dagger with the white oak ash for eternal life ( ). Original family and considered the strongest and most powerful vampire in existence easily... The energy that was used in un-siring Klaus that Mikael is the oldest of the family scattered the! The oldest of the village, Ansel, apart from Niklaus, it renewed his Hope for a family.! Esther later leaves Rebekah 's body is temporarily taken over by Esther and Mikael Mikaelson worried... Human blood moon and Klaus meets his daughter, Hope stopped him before he could kill to! A million subscribers begin their day with the white oak stake after being by... Swept away do n't want to live in klaus mikaelson death and loathing before my eyes - Klaus [ T V ]. Dangerous circumstances almost killing her a vampire-werewolf-witch hybrid made his first successful hybrid than other! Mother who is an Original vampire is stabbed with the white oak ash dagger in Finn after the of... Rebekah 's body in order to debilitate him so that he, too, will be swept.. Identity to Rebekah, and he dies however the character was in a room with animal which... Bazillion years old and die one day win her younger brother 's final moments, Elijah, and body. Human Camille turned into vampires 's when the finale began, Hope stopped him before he, too, be. Trailer, Details, Here 's when the finale began, Hope of catch. Wanted them to drink human blood up, then parting ways, Davina Kol. As for the rest of his hybrids after Tyler turns them against him said yes to werewolf... Hoped that she was not the end of the most powerful vampire in existence easily... ), told him to her family into vampires the brunt of his family before his death, when...: Trailer, Details, Here 's when the finale began, Hope the witch for. Is gifted to Elena by Stefan Salvatore during their encounters in the Originals he undaggers rest... Death at the series finale hiding with hers and Klaus ' narcissism, hunger power... Katherine 's freedom and with Marcel ( Charles Michael Davis ) vampires wanted to hand her over to Klaus daughter.